Design and Develop Customized Applications
on Agreed Requirements, Budget and Timeframe.


Master Eyes was established in 1997 to develop multi-media applications and software products for the corporate world. The partners have valuable experience in corporate environment.

We provide our clients the best value in rich media front-end solutions combined with strong web based programming. From conceptualization to final implementation, we deliver operational excellence, earn customer trust and loyalty, and provide product leadership at an exceptional value.

Master Eyes key competitive strength is our team of designers, web engineers and software developers who help create unique electronic applications that help move our clients business to the web effectively, with high-impact at significant savings and increased profitability. Our management team interfaces with our clients and offshore design facility to provide seamless communication and results. We have created proven detailed work flow methodologies and templates that are fully customizable within our multimedia and software systems, so there’s no learning curve required to produce our clients’ deliverables efficiently and within budget.

Competitive Advantage

Master Eyes offers sophisticated distributed and web-based interactive communication solutions for corporations worldwide. In addition to achieving high standards of excellence, due to our offshore production facility we offer our products and services at a strong competitive price advantage. While our clients communicate directly with Master Eyes management in the US, UK, UAE, Ukraine, China and Pakistan, we interface closely with our production facility, carefully monitoring quality and workflow. We deeply appreciate the cultures in which we operate and we have become experienced in managing the workflow process effectively. Our customers receive the benefits of quality work, personalized service and cost savings, seamlessly and conveniently.