Why Open edX

Initiated by MIT and Harvard, it is being used by some of the largest organizations in the world and has proven itself as a scalable platform serving millions of registered users. Open edX is open-source — meaning, it is constantly innovating with contributions from the likes of Stanford, Google, Microsoft, etc. — and it can be modified as you need. It’s easy to use both for students and course authors, and it is scalable, extensible and versatile. MasterEyes has worked with customers of all types to look at their unique online learning needs, and adapt the Open edX platform to fit those needs.

All about
Open edX

Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs for short, are freely-accessible and open-source online courses that allow thousands of people from all over the world to join, usually for free, often with the only requirement being access to the internet.
To learn more about the Open edX, please check: https://open.edx.org/about-open-edx

Who can take the benefits from Open edX?
Not limited to but following may can be the beneficiaries of Open edX Platform:

Higher Education
Universities and other educational institutions know that digital learning is a disruptive force in the world of higher education, and the most innovative institutions are experimenting with the online delivery model. This might mean reaching students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to enroll due to cost or location, or it might mean empowering faculty with a new way of engaging with their students and providing more personalized.

Professional Development and Training
Many organizations are turning to online learning platforms such as Open edX to expand access to their professional development and training offerings. Such organizations usually would like to integrate their existing system with Open edX and we help them to enhance their business model and offerings.

Corporate Learning
Companies who have traditionally trained their employees, customers and partners in a classroom or using webinars, are now realizing that this model doesn’t scale. It’s difficult and costly to get everyone in the same place at the same time, and the rapid pace of change in their products and services means that people need to be continuously learning, not just getting training a couple times a year.

Health and Medical
Open edX is increasingly being used to deliver online courses in the health and medical field, due to its versatility and robust library of problem types in the sciences.

Open edX Platform - Core Components
Following are key components of Open edX Platform:
  • Platform Administration and Configuration according to requirements
  • Course Authoring Studio
  • Learning Management System
    • Course Announcements and Updates
    • Course Content
    • Inline and Separate Discussion
    • Wiki
    • Notes
    • Grading
    • Teams
    • Inline and Final Assessment
  • XBlocks - Build Your Own or Use Third Party Extended Functionality
  • LTI - Learning Technology Interoperability - Ready to use LMS components
  • Certificates and Badges
  • eCommerce
  • Discovery
  • Analytics & Insights

Open edX Benefits
Not limited to, following are the core benefits of Open edX:
  • Trend Setting in Latest Education Technology Adoption
  • Better Students Engagement: Flexible assessments/labs/homework - learning by doing
  • Empowered the Institutions to understand the students needs in better way
  • Establish International Footprints
  • Opportunity to Partner with Global Universities by Exchanging Teaching Material/ Courses
  • Free Application - no cost to use
  • Highly Customizable

Open edX Deployment Options
In context with the Open edX deployment, the application has a very vast configuration options for serving a variety of different institutions needs. Usually it is used in two ways for online courses:
  1. Self-paced courses
  2. Instructor-led courses
While on campus courses, the Open edX facilitate the institutions to use it as:
  1. Study Material Reference
  2. Engage the students in different education related activities, including discussion, wiki, graded and non-graded assessment
  3. Recorded lectures with supporting text and interactive activities, usually called Blended Learning
  4. As MOOCs globally, usually integrated with eCommerce for generating the revenue from paid courses

Open edX Deployment Challenge
Open edX is a cloud-compliance complex application which needs comprehensive knowledge of different cloud services, platform configuration options and customization. Usually a team is required to fulfill the required skill-set for deployment and operate the Open edX Platform.

Beside the Open edX Platform installation and configuration, platform maintenance is required a team of versatile skill-sets.

The big institutions/ organization prefer to engage their own team for managing Open edX Platform. Consulting services and/ or outsource is an option for small to medium level institutions/ organizations. For small number of students third party hosted solution may can be an option.

MasterEyes has a well trained experienced team which can help you to set and achieve your learning platform goals. Additionally, you can get the consulting services for preparing and building your Open edX courses.

Open edX Application Architecture

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