Our Services

Categorically, we offer following services related to the Open edX:

Open edX Consulting,
Platform Deployment & Integration,
Branding and Customization,
Course Authoring,
Amazon Cloud Hosting Services,
Support and Assistance Services

Open edX

Our deep understanding of Open edX allows us to give you the best solution to fit your objectives and budget. From building Open edX ecosystems, to custom MOOC deployment, development of new course materials or blended classes, we work to find the best-fit solution for your needs, while ensuring you have a fully personalised Open edX platform to work with.

Open edX Platform Deployment & Integration
MasterEyes has a well trained experienced team which can help you to set and achieve your learning platform goals.Our experts team deploy your Open edX Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and configure it according to your needs.

One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of our work deals with upgrading platforms and keeping them in-sync with changes that are happening daily: so when a client wants to migrate their data and courseware from a previous version of the Open edX platform.

Branding and Customisation
Our developers are specialists in white labelling, giving customers a ‘re-skinned’ Open edX platform that incorporates your corporate colours, fonts, logo and more to provide end users with an immersive branding experience. While we help you out in building new Open edX features, or its integration with other applications, if required.

Course Authoring
A key benefit of choosing MasterEyes is our agility with course authoring. Whether working from scratch or integrating customized apps; from importing heavy files such as packaged content to directly uploading custom videos, PDFs and quizzes that we created, we do it all.

Hosting Advisory & Support
Our extensive AWS experienced team can help you find the best solution to fit your business needs, ranging from self-help to enterprise options. The MasterEyes team knows how to create out-of-the-box solutions and communicate technicalities to non-technical clients in a way that allows them to develop the best product for their needs and use it to its full potential.

Support and Assistance Services
While most of our Open edX courseware is easily managed, we offer technical support and assistance to facilitate instructors and learners during setup and configuration. We have the expertise to provide the highest level of support across all versions of the platform, XBlocks, advanced Open edX services and custom applications.

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